I met the inspiration behind CSI-Cyber!

I recently attended 2 very different conferences here in Israel: #CyberWeek17 and #SaasTockTLV. While very very different events, in size, target audience and more, I tried to use my marketing lens to compare them.bsides-TLV

From a size perspective, obviously #CyberWeek17 was much bigger, although both events tried (and succeeded) to give you a feeling that this is the place for cool geeks to be. Check out these folks from Bside-TLV as an example 😊 



Cyberweek also provided a unique opportunity to hear from global experts and intelligence/government leaders including (just to name a few) prime minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu; Nadav Argaman, Director, ISA (Shin Bet); Dr. Douglas Maughan, Director, Cyber Security Division, Department of Homeland Security, USA; and many more.

But to be honest, my favorite celebrity speaker in this event was Dr. Mary Aiken, Forensic Cyber psychologist & the inspiration behind ‘CSI: Cyber’. Dr Aiken is the world’s leading expert in Forensic Cyberpsychology specializing in the impact of technology on human behaviour, she has written and spoken extensively on issues relating to the intersection between humankind and. In her fascinating speech she examined how traditional crime theories like Routine Activity Theory (RAT) crime triangle work and unfortunately outspread in cyberspace.


The last part of the day I attended was Cyberstorm Startup Competition. If I compare it to the ISV pitch at Salesforce essentials TLV that I attended the week before and I was so excited about, or even to the startup forum at SaasTockTLV – I think the startups in the salesforce events were more “baked” with regard to their pitch, presentations and messaging. The cyber contenders all mentioned sales and marketing as their biggest challenge moving forward. So hey guys – this is exactly where I can help!



I want to invest in this start-up!

I’m a skeptical person. Maybe it’s my personality, my professional experience or my risk-aversion, but regardless of the reason – that’s who I am.
But yesterday, in the #SalesforceEssentials #TLV event – I was excited!

I didn’t expect much from the last session of the day – ISV pitch – you know the drill: two start-ups give you their pitch and try to convince they are the next big thing.

Salesforce is known for its #1 cloud ecosystem and for being very open, collaborative and supportive with its partner community, and as usual customers and partners were an integral part of the agenda and main stage presentations in this great mini dreamforce event.

But @LawGeex came above and beyond everyone else.

Having worked in large corporations like Amdocs and BMC software in the past – I experienced the problem myself – legal bottlenecks that prevent sales from closing deals faster.  

@Noory Bechor, Founder and CEO, LawGeex, said: “Sales teams are dependent on legal to review and approve contracts before the deal can move forward. This process sometimes takes days, weeks or even months, and sometimes deals just don’t close. With the LawGeex Salesforce app, companies can now automate the review and approval of contracts, without having to leave Salesforce. LawGeex empowers salespeople to upload contracts using Salesforce and have them approved based on an organization’s legal criteria.“

@Robin Fisher, area vice president of Salesforce Europe and the Middle East, introduced LawGeex as an example of a new breed of legal technology providers changing the way business is done for Salesforce’s 150,000 customers. “LawGeex helps lawyers focus on what is important, and provides an amazing opportunity for our customers. It represents a fundamental shift in aligning sales and legal around the same value of closing deals faster.”


I want to invest in this start-up!


Inspiration @ MAD 2014


One of the main reasons I come to events like MAD 2014 is to get inspired. This year I got my inspiration from Gerry Human, Executive Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather.  He talked about creating your campaigns around ideas that are original and true. Original and true ideas are sometimes inconvenient and controversial, but this is the only thing that can make your campaign be liked by millions.

Gerry shared with us a number of examples that demonstrate how difficult-to swallow ideas attrack millions and how technology was used to amplify the ideas.

Be your beautiful self – Dove

You’re probably familiar with some version of this camera shy video from Dove.  Based on the disturbing statistics that only 4% of women believe that they are beautiful , Dove and Ogivly decided to do something about it with the The Ad Makeover. Millions of women agreed with them.

Travel yourself interesting – #TYI – Expedia

When you think about campaigns in the tourism and travel industry you think about beautiful beaches and amazing city skylines. Gerry shared 2 campaigns that take a completely different approach.

Expedia was brave and smart to avoid clichéd travel advertising in favour of a campaign that’s more about what you get out of travel than where you go. See 3 great examples here. They also launched a competition that used Twitter to convert boring twits and travel them interesting with the #TYI hashtag. Here’s one great example.

The magic of flying – British Airways

And the last example I wanted to share with you, is the well-known British Airways #Lookup campaign, with children pointing to the sky every time a BA plane flies overhead. A lot of technology involved in this campaign, but what made it so successful is the naïve magic of flying.

Looking for some more inspiration?

Check out Jonathan Mildenhall’s presentation at MAD 2013. Back then he was VP of global advertising strategy and creative excellence at Coca-Cola. Now he’s CMO of Airbnb.