How to get started with your new website?

So you’re about to re-design your website – where do you get started?

The first question is: what’s the purpose of this makeover, in other words (and it could be cruel and painful) – what’s wrong with your current website? What is missing?  What do you want to change and why? The best way to address that is talk to many stakeholders inside and outside of your organization and get their opinions on what’s wrong. Based on these discussions you can begin to form some key objectives of the project and describe what success will look like.  

 minor changes4

The next step is to look around. What do companies like yours have in their websites; make sure to also check companies smaller / bigger / different than you; what do your competitors’ sites look like?  Customer sites? Take a look at some industry trends and determine which are right for you. Hopefully you are ready to decide where you want to take your site.

And now go down to the details: what underlying technology platform are you using today and do you need any new WCM (Web Content Management) system like Acquia/Drupal or Adobe to support your new objectives?; Site structure and navigation – do they reflect your companies’ current objectives and growth areas and support where you want to go? Is your content professional, fresh, relevant and engaging? Do you have the right processes to keep it that way?

In the next series of posts I will look deeper into each one of these dimensions – so come back to learn more, but in the meantime let me challenge you – can you share with me your favorite web site and tell me what do you like about it and why it’s so great.  


What a coincidence! I’m a thought leader too!

So if ticking all the right boxes won’t do, you need to build a cohesive social media strategy that will leverage your social presence to support the main brand objective.

A very popular strategy, that everyone seems to wants to adapt these day is “to become a thought leader”. What does it mean? Becoming an authority on relevant topics by covering trends and topics that influence the industry – information, insights, news etc. In order to become a thought leader, you will have to provide content that the customer really wants (like research and online courses) in order to lead and shape the conversation.

CMO. By Adobe is a good example. In their site they provide CMO exclusive content including a lot of research, interviews etc. , and in their about section they say: “We are the CMOs one-stop shop for digital marketing insight. Our goals are to help CMOs & marketing executives stay informed and save time by providing the best digital media marketing news from key players in the space. We want to help you find what is important and relevant in the easiest way possible. Get Informed!”

So is this the right social strategy for you? The opportunity here is very clear, but you also need to consider: do you have an understanding of what the customer wants and whether you have the right level of resources and commitment within your organization to be able to constantly create new content.

In my next article we’ll look at other social strategies – stay tuned …