Iris Zarecki – B2B Marketing Consultant – Strategy | Product | Digital


As a marketing consultant, I am able to apply my twenty years of proven experience in marketing and selling to international enterprises, to help you bring the right product into the right markets, engage with new buying personas, and embrace new leads and opportunities.

I focus on 3 primary areas:

  • Strategy, planning and execution – messaging and positioning, branding, competitive analysis, content planning and execution, working effectively with analysts like Gartner.
  • Product marketing – Market research and competitive analysis for the product domain that will improve the product definition, positioning and roadmap; Working together with the development product managers to identify and deliver missing functionalities; Identify possible partnerships; Create sales materials and presentations.
  • Digital marketing – Building and improving your digital presence – web site, Linkedin, blogs, articles, videos; Digital strategy and campaign execution, google ads etc.

My unique blend of knowledge in technology and marketing, combined with my passion for the art and science of marketing to international enterprises, helps me bridge the gap between development teams and the market, and helps you deliver the right product to address customer pain.

As a results-driven marketing leader with proven track record I help high-tech companies define winning market strategies, attract and retain customers, and increase sales.

I will be happy to meet and identify areas where I can be of assistance,

Thanks, Iris.

Contact me today at:



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