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The Rise of the Marketer


The Rise of the Marketer: The Economist Intelligence Unit and Marketo Survey The Future – from the Marketo Blog

They see six major trends emerging, and I definitely agree with their observation:

  1. Marketing is shifting from a cost center to a revenue generator
  2. Marketing will become the Chief Customer Advocate in an organization
  3. Marketing is moving from an era of mass marketing and advertising to and era of engagement marketing
  4. Marketing needs to invest in new digital skills and operational expertise – marketing is shifting from an art form to art & science
  5. Marketing must leverage technology to succeed in this world of individual engagement at scale
  6. Key technologies like Internet-of-Things and real-time personalized mobile technologies will shape the future of marketing

Specifically re #4 above – last week Ran Pelled, CEO of McCann-Tech drew my attention to an interesting McKinsey report that talks about the disconnect between what customers care about and what companies talk about, and argues that what makes a strong brand in the eyes of a customer is a combination of hard facts and also emotional aspects.

So don’t neglect the artistic aspect of marketing – just science is not enough!