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Processes Processes


Processes Processes

I recently participated in a big effort to map one of our more complicated processes.
It took us a long time and a lot of effort to understand it thoroughly, and we completed the mapping, well we realize that this process is … complicated.

You can argue we wasted our time, but I think we gained a few important insights and benefits simply by laying down the entire process in front of us:

  • Mapping the process together already enhanced collaboration between the different teams taking part in it  
  • All groups and individuals participating in this procedure now realize how complex it is and how much impact they have on the overall time it takes to complete it
  • We realized our measurements and SLAs are completely off because they focus on a very small fraction of the entire E2E procedure
  • We can analyze where most requests get held up in the process and why, and try to streamline these areas specifically

  • Obviously we can now work together to try and simplify it …