The top 20 TED Talks so far & more


The top 20 TED Talks so far & more 526255_10150628555745723_1669013129_a

As 2013 is coming to an end, you’re probably getting a lot of top 10 / top 20 lists from some sites and people that you are following.
Obviously, you can’t really read and watch all of them. So let me try and help you with the ones I found more appealing:

The top 20 TED Talks so far: I specifically liked #10, 13 & 20

McKinsey & Company also shared the list of top ten articles and reports read the most in the last year. I specifically liked #3 –

The coming era of on-demand marketing

Happy New Year !


Terrific WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving YouTube video. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes now.

David Meerman Scott thought it’s the best holiday marketing he’s seen – read more in his blog.

My new year resolutions


The IDC CMO Advisory Team very timely just published their 2014 CMO Predictions. Very interesting reading, around what will happen to the marketing organization and the role of the CMO.

I specifically connected to these ones:


  • Prediction 2 – Innovative CMO and CIO pairs will throw out the rule book when it comes to IT’s support of Marketing
  • Prediction 3 – By 2020, the Marketing function in leading companies will be radically reshaped into three organizational “systems” – content, channels, and consumption (data)
  • Prediction 9 – Fragmented marketing IT point products and low adoption rate will inhibit companies’ ability to win customers
  • Prediction 10 – Digital marketing investment will exceed 50% of total program budget by 2016

So my professional new year resolutions are: 

Happy New Year !

Innovation?!? – Not again …


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  So Innovation is probably the most abused word in the English language, usually by marketing. (Many people said that before me, I specifically like David Meerman Scott Gobbledygook research). But still, we all want to be innovative, and we … Continue reading

People that inspire me – Sheryl Sandberg


So I told you I will write here about people that inspire me. Last week I was fortunate to attend Dreamforce 2013, and listened to Sheryl Sandberg keynote. A truly amazing lady, and a truly inspiring lecture. She’s not afraid to tackle head on some issue around men, women and today’s workplace. Find 40 minutes and listen to this lecture.

So what is D2D Marketing ?

We’ve all heard about B2C, B2B, and even B2B2C Marketing. But what is D2D Marketing?

In this blog I will share my day to day marketing experiences. I’ll write about challenges and dilemmas we’re facing, about campaigns that worked or didn’t work for me, about people that inspire me, and about great tools we’re discovering. In short, I will share what marketing is to me, in my world.

A little bit about me 

I’ve been marketing high technology software products for most of my professional life.
Held a variety of marketing positions, from product marketing to regional marketing to web strategy and marketing operations.  I don’t tell many people, but I also have solid management skills and a strong technical background which serves me as a secret weapon from time to time.